Bestform 2013

Exhibition design for the annual show Bestform by the Berner Design Stiftung.
Bestform 2013 by Nicola Stäubli

Pablo 2012

A simple desk that grows together with the pupil.
Pablo by Nicola Stäubli

Bestform 2012

Exhibition design for the annual show Bestform by the Berner Design Stiftung.
Bestform 2012 by Nicola Stäubli

Cama 2010

Simple bed with retractable bedside table.
Cama by Nicola Stäubli

Crutch 2009

A set of metal legs and lashing straps as an alternative to traditional table trestles.
Crutch by Nicola Stäubli

Phasmatodea 2008

Unconventional living accessory with a double function as caot hanger/coat hook.
Phasmatodea by Nicola Stäubli

Delta 2006

Adjustable and collapsable bed frame with fiberglass reinforced tubes.
Delta by Nicola Stäubli

Designers’ Saturday 2012

The scenography of the stand literally reflects the best in Bernese design.
Scenography at Designers' Saturday by Nicola Stäubli

Rimini 2012

A sofa with ready-made components for indoor and outdoor use.
Rimini by Nicola Stäubli

Lightning 2011

Flash-shaped tripod for the «Wolkenlampe» by the Swiss artist and designer duo, Susi and Ueli Berger.
Lightning by Nicola Stäubli

Screen 2010

An information screen for a walking exhibition that can be rolled up for storage and transportation.
Screen by Nicola Stäubli

8 eight 2009

Elegant coat hook designed to fit in an flat pack.
8 eight by Nicola Stäubli

Trapeze 2008

Modular and space-saving storage solution for shoes.
Trapeze by Nicola Stäubli

Axe 2006

Table with handles of an axe: a semi-readymade.
Axe by Nicola Stäubli

Papilio 2012

Folding chair with X-shaped frame and leather cover.
Papilio by Nicola Stäubli

Fotografie im Plakat 2012

Scenography of an exhibition on the role of photography in advertising posters.
Die Fotografie im Plakat by Nicola Stäubli

Reversible 2011

Modular seating solution that offers an upright and low chair with different color variations.
Reversible by Nicola Stäubli

Rearranged 2010

Three bases for the iconic Plastic Chair by Charles and Ray Eames.
Rearranged by Nicola Stäubli

Indie Furniture 2008

A bespoke storage solution consisting of universal furniture joints and customized wood panels.
Indie Furniture by Nicola Stäubli

Foldschool 2007

Do-it-yourself cardboard furniture for kids.
Foldschool by Nicola Stäubli